Harmonised European revision policy

The CMFB and other competent bodies (ESS and ESCB substructures) had been discussing the introduction of a harmonised European revision policy from the beginning of 2009 until mid-2012.

  • Building on the outcome of a series of questionnaires and extensive discussions, the CMFB together with other bodies involved, endorsed a harmonised revision policy for balance of payments and international investment position statistics versus national accounts in July 2012, to be implemented, if feasible, by September 2014.
  • The CMFB is currently undertaking a stock-taking exercise to assess the degree of the implementation across Member States.

13 October 2017

CMFB communication on common revision policies (link)

5 July 2012

European revision policy for balance of payments/international investment position and national accounts statistics (link)

4 July 2007

CMFB Guidelines on communication of major statistical revisions in the European Union (link)