The CMFB’s Statute

  • Council Decision of 13 November 2006 establishing a Committee on monetary, financial and balance of payments statistics (2006/856/EC; link)
  • This Council Decision repeals the first Council Decision adopted in 1991 (91/115/EEC) which had been substantially amended over time. It represents the codified version of this Decision as it preserves the content of the acts being codified. Important amendments to this initial Decision were for example introduced due to the extension of the advisory tasks of the CMFB and the admission of a representative of the European Monetary Institute, the predecessor of the ECB, as a member of the Committee.

The CMFB's rules of procedures

  • CMFB Rules of procedure (30 January 2020) (link)
  • Revised procedures for consultations about the statistics underlying the Excessive Deficit Procedure (27 September 2013) (link)
  • CMFB Procedure for the expression of non-Excessive Deficit Procedure Opinions of the CMFB (12 September 2016) (link)