The CMFB maintains a close relationship with the following bodies:

  • European Committee on Central Balance Sheet Data Offices (ECCBSO; link);
  • European Statistical System Committee (ESSC) that is composed of the Directors-General of the EU's NSIs and discusses the most important joint actions and programmes to be carried out to meet EU information requirements;
  • European Statistical Forum (ESF; MoU);
  • Eurostat's GNI Committee;
  • Statistics Committee of the European System of Central Banks (STC) - which advises on the design and compilation of statistical information collected by the ECB, with the assistance of the NCBs, and which prepares legislation in its field of competence for approval by the ECB Governing Council;
  • Economic and Financial Committee of the European Union (EFC; link), which contributes to the work of the EU Council (ECOFIN), including on matters related to the Excessive Deficit Procedure and other major statistical issues.

The close contacts between the CMFB and the ESSC are channeled through the Executive Body of the CMFB and the Partnership Group of the ESSC. ECB DG-S is invited to attend the ESSC meetings, while Eurostat and the CMFB Chairman are invited to attend STC meetings. Contacts with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Bank for International Settlements (BIS), and senior statisticians in the countries seeking membership of the EU, are promoted through participation in CMFB meetings. The CMFB advises on the updating of - and promotes adherence to - international and European statistical standards, in the interests of consistency and efficiency.

The advisory function of the CMFB and its role in promoting co-ordination across institutions are recognised in the

  • (EU) Council Regulation on Community Statistics (322/97, as amended by 1882/2003) – commonly referred to as the "Statistical Law" –;
  • (EU) Council Regulation concerning ECB statistics (2533/98 as amended by 951/2009);
  • Memorandum of Understanding on the cooperation between the European Statistical System and Members of the European System of Central Banks (link).


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