Statistical methods

This section deals with seasonal adjustment issues, revisions analysis and guidelines and quality issues.

1. Reports

December 2009
European Statistical System Guidelines on Seasonal Adjustment (2009 edition) (link)

April 2008
ECB statistics quality framework (link)

31 March 2008
Final Report on Task Force on Seasonal Adjustment of Quarterly National Accounts (link)

4 July 2007
CMFB Guidelines on communication of major statistical revisions in the European Union (link)

6 April 2005
Joint ECB's DG-S/Eurostat Task Force on the quality of quarterly national accounts - Final report (link)

24 September 2003 
Seasonal adjustment of quarterly national accounts: progress report on implementation of CMFB recommendations (link)

December 2002 
Implementation plan to increase the harmonisation of seasonal adjustment of Quarterly National Accounts (link)
10 February 2002
Final report of the Task Force on Seasonal Adjustment of Quarterly National Accounts (link)

2. CMFB Opinions

3. Legislation

4. Procedures and mandates

5. Background

The statistical infrastructure includes seasonal adjustment methodology and practice, the design of a quality framework and data transmission standards. It also relates to the common interest in promoting consistency between statistical concepts and international accounting standards for corporations and quasi-corporations.