Other related matters

This sections includes other related matters such as data transmission, SDMX, EMU action plan, EFC Status reports, Memorandum of Understanding, confidentiality and governance.

1. Reports

16 December 2013
Status Report on Information requirements in EMU, Economic and Financial Committee (link)

7 December 2012
Status Report on Information requirements in EMU, Economic and Financial Committee (link)

November 2006
The ESCB's governance structure as applied to ESCB statistics (link)

December 2004
ECB Review of the requirements in the field of general economic statistics (link)

10 March 2003
Memorandum of Understanding between ECB DG-Statistics and Eurostat (link)

18 February 2003
5th progress report on the implementation of the Monetary Committee's report (link)

December 2002 
Short-term statistics on services - proposals for improving the availability of monthly and quarterly data for the Euro zone and the EU as a whole (link)

2. CMFB Opinions

2 December 2016
CMFB opinion on business identifiers and business registers - Recommendations for statistical production (link)

24 May 2011
CMFB opinion on the draft proposal for a decision of the European Parliament and of the Council on the European statistical programme 2013-2017 (ESS multiannual work programme) (link)

3. Legislation

GUIDELINE OF THE EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK of 22 December 1998 concerning the common rules and minimum standards to protect the confidentiality of the individual statistical information collected by the European Central Bank assisted by the national central banks (link)

4. Procedures and mandates

5. Background

Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange (SDMX) is an initiative to foster standards for the exchange of statistical information.The SDMX web site includes a section on freely-available IT tools.