The CMFB's purpose

The Committee on Monetary, Financial and Balance of Payments Statistics (CMFB) was established by a Council Decision in 1991 (91/115/EECto assist the European Commission in drawing up and implementing work programmes concerning monetary, financial and balance of payments statistics, and to offer opinions on these areas of statistics and on their links with other areas of economic statistics, in particular national accounts. The original Council Decision has been amended (96/174/EC) to reflect changes since 1991. (See also the dedicated sections on legislation and rules of procedure.) 

The primary role of CMFB is to advise the European Commission on key issues on monetary, financial and balance of payments statistics and to maintain close links with both the European Commission and the European Central Bank, in liaison with the European Statistical System Committee (previously Statistical Programme Committee) and the ESCB Statistics Committee. The CMFB is an independent committee with advisory functions; it has no legislative powers. The Committee shall co-operate in statistical matters between the Commission (Eurostat) and the European Central Bank (DG Statistics), taking due account of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by both institutions and maintaining close links with each, in liaison with the European Statistical System Committee and the ESCB Statistics Committee.

Council Regulation (EC) 479/2009 repealing the subsequently amended Regulation (EC) 3605/93 makes statutory provision for CMFB's role in relation to Excessive Deficit Procedure (EDP) matters. (See also 'Government finance and EDP statistics' under 'Main topics'.)

The Memorandum of Understanding on the cooperation between the European Statistical System and Members of the European System of Central Banks (linkestablished the European Statistical Forum to enhance the co-operatìon at strategic level between the ESS and the ESCBTransversal or cross-cutting issues will be implemented by the CMFB, i.e. the operational platform.