CMFB Executive Body

The Executive Body consists of 12 persons:
  • Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and previous Chairperson of the Committee,
  • three representatives of national central banks and national statistical institutes each, 
  • one member of a national central bank or national statistical institute, depending on the constituency of the previous Chairperson, 
  • European Commission (Eurostat),
  • European Central Bank.
The Executive Body serves for the term of the Chairperson and is assisted by the Secretariat. Its main assignments are 
  • identifying issues arising from requests of users or suppliers of statistics and submit them to the Committee for consideration,
  • preparing the CMFB plenary meetings (taking place normally twice per year), 
  • organising of written procedures in the course of consultations, and maintaining relations with other bodies. 

Members of the CMFB Executive Body as from 1 January 2017

Kirsten Wismer (Chairperson, Danmarks Statistik, Denmark, NSI)
Andrea Brandolini (Vice-Chairperson, Banca d'Italia, Italy, NCB)

Eduardo Barredo-Capelot (Eurostat)
Werner Bier (European Central Bank, Directorate General Statistics)
Alfredo Cristobal (Instituto Nacional de Estadistica, Spain, NSI)
Emil Dimitrov (Българска народна банка, Bulgaria, NCB)
Gerard Eding (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, Netherlands, NSI)
Jacques Fournier (Banque de France, France, NCB) 
Ursula Haver (Statistik Austria, NSI)
Robert Kirchner (Deutsche Bundesbank, Germany, NCB)
Joe McNeill (Central Bank of Ireland, Ireland, NCB)
Ville Vertranen (Statistics Finland, NSI)