CMFB - Committee on Monetary, Financial and Balance of Payments Statistics

The Committee on Monetary, Financial and Balance of Payments Statistics (CMFB) was established by a Council Decision in 1991 (91/115/EEC) to assist the European Commission in drawing up and implementing work programmes concerning monetary, financial and balance of payments statistics. In recent years, the CMFB had played an important advisory role in the statistical issues related to Excessive Deficit Procedure (EDP) decisions. The CMFB is the forum for co-ordination of statisticians from the national statistical institutes and Eurostat on the one hand, and the national central banks and the European Central Bank on the other.

Recent developments around the CMFB

22 November 2017
ESS-ESCB report on the quality of statistics underlying the MIP (link)

13 October 2017
CMFB communication on common revision policies (link)

13 July 2017
CMFB Opinion on the statistical sector classification of the Hungarian Eximbank (link)

29-30 June 2017
Main conclusions of the 54th CMFB Plenary meeting (link)

6 April 2017
CMFB opinion on the nature of the banking levies collected under the BRRD in 2015 and transferred to the SRB/SRF in 2016 (link)

2-3 February 2017
Main conclusions of the 53rd CMFB Plenary meeting (link)

23 January 2017
CMFB opinion on the statistical classification of the Hellenic Deposit and Investment Guarantee Fund (link)

2 December 2016
CMFB opinion on business identifiers and business registers - Recommendations for statistical production (link)

30 September 2016
CMFB opinion on the statistical classification of BANIF residual entity (link)

12 September 2016
CMFB Procedure for the expression of non-Excessive Deficit Procedure Opinions (link)

4-5 July 2016
Main conclusions of the 52nd CMFB Plenary meeting (link)

15 June 2016
CMFB opinion on travel and tourism statistics (link)

24 May 2016
Commitment by CMFB Members on the use of the FDI Network (link)

13 May 2016
CMFB opinion on the principles for re-shaping the connection between business statistics and BoP/IIP (link)

28-29 January 2016
Main conclusions of the 51st CMFB Plenary meeting (link)

27 January 2016
The CMFB marked its 25th anniversary with a small event hosted by the ECB (link)